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Body Armour

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The Body Armour Range is GUARANTEED to protect all surfaces from vehicle linings to roof coatings. With a wide variety of colours and applications we can assist with any of your Body Armour needs. In Addition - Body Armour can be used for Industrial, Residential, and Commercial use.

Body Armour is the first of its kind, Spray-on Repairable Protective Rubberizing Solution.

Applications can range anything from Commercial to Industrial Coatings.

Body Armour is Manufactured and applied in South Africa for South Africa. Tested for durability against our climate to make sure

our product can deliver on any and all expectation.

Body Armour is known for our superior protection that includes rust, impact, corrosion and abrasive damage.  Our passion for our

Armour Coating range has expanded above and beyond our normal rubber coatings, into other  areas of the vehicle  aftermarket

industry as well as the industrial industry, allowing us to provide protection all around on a big scale in various categories.

We are dedicated to provide only the best products and protection solutions to our customers with our trained professionals to do

the applications and products manufactured and tested in a lab. We believe in quality, performance, massive value and most of all


Body Armour is a spray-on synthetic rubber coating

Application is available in 2 types of thicknesses:

Standard (2-3mm) or Premium(3-5mm)

Body Armour provides protection against rust, abrasion,

corrosion, and impact from heavy duty loading

Our spray on liner forms air & watertight bond with a wide

variety of surfaces ex. steel, plastic, wood etc.

Body Armour forms a layer on your vehicle that gives you

 additional protection against wear and tear due to impact and loading.

Our coating is flexible which will prevent any cracks and bubbles forming on the surface.

Completely Repairable!

Completely Removable with no Damage to the surface after it has been removed!

Available in multiple colours (NCS FAN DECK) including pearls and metallic

Protection on vehicles includes:

Bin Linings



Roof Racks

Tow Bars, Nudge Bars

Roll Bars

Cattle Rails etc.


Also able to Protect:


Provide waterproofing

Prevents Corrosion and Rust

Water Tanks

Cover Any Steel Surfaces

Plastic surfaces ect.


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