Protecting your beloved vehicle is something we take very SERIOUSLY.  Let us help you protect your assets! Whether it is on 2 wheels or on 4 wheels, On-road or Off-road, we Protect them all. We provide protection using Liquid Armour (Manufactured by the Agents of Plasti DIP SA). A Synthetic Removable Rubber Coating sprayed on that will give the necessary protection against scratches, sun and stone chips. Liquid Armour can be used in numerous industries for numerous purposes. Its multifunctional properties range from Automotive finishes to household improvements and even garden furniture. EASY TO REMOVE AND LEAVES NO RESIDUE. DOES NOT DAMAGE YOUR CLEAR COAT! And we can guarantee that it will not damage your vehicle. With the newly formulated Liquid Armour Top Coats our product is much more scratch resistant than ever.
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It is applied by a professionally trained applicator,

approved by Liquid Armour / Plasti Dip SA.







 Heat Resistant

Jaco Minnie (Director/Applicator)

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